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No to Trump

I'm getting tired of all of the junk around anymore...


i can not support trump becasue:


1. Lack of business experience.  Yes, he "may" have money....but he will not produce evidence he does..and come to find out he

has not been paying in what he had for for business...first, over 30 bankrupt filings does not equal successful to me.

we have seen time and time again how he has treated help, how he has not paid people, and the list goes on and on...

imagine, how you would be thought of in your community if you did all of what he has.....

And as far as business..he has been in the "lofty" business all his life...having a retail shop, manufacturing...or a far

different than running a casino or high dollar hotel....he has just been around money all his life...he has liittle if anything in common

with many of his business, it was all about "show"......and "big name"......that is far different from the rest of us, where,

value, quality and a good product is key....he "set" his price....far different when you have to be in a retail or agriculture where

you must "take" a price and still be able to operate.

The last thing he said really gets fix the roads, everything will be sold off and private people will make a toll to cross a raod

or bridge they will you determine a value for such a thing....we will be selling our roads ??  then if a business

want to build a road over your land...than can...because trump will rubber stamp it....just how much will it cost us to travel....

and all the toll booths.......that comes from a bunch that just has no "common" intelligence..... we are just up in the high air.

I frankly do not think he can relate with the average business matter how good of an act he can put on.


2. Morals.  The president needs times of trouble, that might be the only thing you have to help make decidsions.

    Mr. Trump has been married how many times ??  Plus he could not find an american girl ???  An in my book what really

     gives him a black eye....he was married, had little kids...yet running around with another women.  I'm sorry, i don't think

     that's right....not for my neighbors...not for my president.  That shows you have no respect for the person you married, and

     none for your's all about me....and married 3 times....that tells us all we need.... look in your own community,

      look at those married 3 times....what's the opinion ????

     He also does not know how to hold his tounge....another indication of lake of morals....shows lack of respect for other people....

     "i'm right and that's all that matters"....i'm sorry, but, a while back....he said that if he told the military to do something they

      were going to do it because he is president....even if it is an "illegel war act"....this just gives us insight into the mind and the man.

      "i'm god".....i'm sorry donald....that job was filled long time ago.

      I havent even touched how he has run down people, how he has treated help, and his whole attitude.

      The leader of the most powerful nation on the face of the earth should act and be is a responsibility to be

       president....this is not a tv show.


3.   Lack of leadership.  Donald has never been elected to anything.....not even dog catcher, in his life.  Mr. Trump has never

      "served in public"...You need service experience....Imagine, you are throwing someone in the most powerful office in

       the world....and has never proven himself.....even ronnie raygun...was gov.of california.

       To me, it is almost insane to put someone in there that has never been "tested".


Im sorry....but i have to say NO to trump........


Did I say I"m jumping for joy for Clinton.......NO.....there are things there that also bother me....but...she does have experience...

she did come from humble start....and wasn't married a number of times.


ok.....start to rip me a new one....but the facts be honest....i would like to have a better choice than the two

we have.


am i worried.....yes.....the next 4 years look bad....i'm told commodities will be very low...expenses keep going up...and healthcare

cost (health insurance)...i don't know how i'm going to afford it...but i have to, with my medical conditions.  If things are difficult

for one that has everything paid for, and owns their own land....what is it for others not that way....which i think makes up

more than 50 percent from those that farm.


peace....and may god bless and keep you



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Re: No to Trump

Number two is laughable at best..............A sad commentary of the blind left.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: No to Trump

Question: Did you vote for squeaky clean Mitt Romney in 2012? If not all the excuses you've given are bogus and just want a reason to vote for a liberal.
Senior Advisor

Re: No to Clinton

Appreciate your thoughts, elcheapo.  Can't say I agree with your reasoning, yet each of us have a right to our own opinions.  Sure wish we had better choices to work with, on both sides of the aisle.  I have concerns regardless of who wins.


My own voting preferences have been guided by a thought that it might be better to venture into the unknown than to support an undesired (obviously my opinion), though more predictable, path to the future, while considering that the President does not operate in a vacuum, is not a dictator, and our system of checks and balances tends to work things out.  Maybe it is time to shake things up a bit, better now than when it's obviously too late.  I would feel better about Trump if he took the last couple of months to at least appear to be Presidential, respond to attacks only briefly and quickly move on to issues, and demonstrate better how he could at least work within the party platform he is representing while appeasing/supporting our proven national allies.  Still, the potential strengths of cabinet members and advisors will mitigate some of the potential unknowns while hopefully achieving some continuity and transition.


Elcheapo, am mostly appreciative of your method/tone of sharing, without demeaning others, and without that really annoying clock reference a few have adopted.



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Re: No to Trump

I must admit, I omitted another reason why I just can't go for trump.


4.  Healthcare reform.  As a diabetic that found it quite difficult and expensive to gain health insurance, this is of interest to

      me.  I have went to Trumps website, and read his information on healthcare insurance.....His biggest thing is to "fix" it

      so insurance companies can write in all 50 states.  Folks, it's that way now.  It is the insurance companys decision as

       to where to sell.......the must pass STATE regulators.  If Trump does it his way, he is taking some rights away from

       states.....which is what he is supposed to be aginst.

       In addition, while not on his website, he has said many times, he want's to start up insurance "pools" in each state.

       This will be a nonfunded mandate placed on states.  They will need to float the pools.  Yes, I know about those

        pools.  High deductables, and had a $100,000 cap.  Rates could be no more than 150% of the standard rate.

      The reasons why many companies are not in all 50 states, are not due to regulation, but economics.  Most of those

      companies that are pulling out of states, are "for profit" companies.  Many states have a "mutual" company

      which are usually a bit cheaper, due to the mutual has a lower "profit margin", and the policy holders are

      the share holders.  These companies are usually local (in the state), and slightly cheaper, and slightly better


      In many instances the large for profit companys can not compete, and thusly pull out.

      If the trump plan would be adopted, would be a nightmare for people like me, nightmares for states, which will

      have a non-funded mandate ((remember a number of states could have expanded medicade, with no cost to

      them, and didn't, how many states will do that with the pool ???  and i am in one of those states that didn't

      take the money.....saying it could not afford the program, once the funding was gone.....will the same with

      the insurance pool)).



Veteran Advisor

Re: No to Trump

Thank you ElCheapo...and yes, you are right.


Sniffys idea is to go back to the way it was, and then we will TRY and get something else in and passed.  I will never be in favor of going back to where we were.  There on some on here that think the way it was, was so much better. Maybe they never needed to use their "cheap" plan, that when push came to shove, really paid nothing.  Those plans were gotten rid of, because they were scams.  If you had a GOOD PLAN, you could keep it, like I did.  My BC/BS plan is going up $10.00 a month.  Yet all Sniffy talks about is the 116% increase that we are all seeing in health care costs.  It makes me sick when I see him spewing lies, and know that there is nothing you can do to stop it.  Maybe if I threw a brick through my $3000.00 TV, it would fix things....well, probably not....


Tick Tock...



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Re: No to Trump

Excellent post. Zero name calling and personal attacks. Kudosx2.


I will not vote for Hillary. I will not vote AGAINST Hillary. I will vote for Trump because of his stance on border security and his stance against the establishment that has turned Washington DC into a hog trough used by politicians for personal enrichment.

Re: No to Trump

So Jennys you also think every one in your state government of Minnesota is lying when they say some thing has to be done about health insurace costs?

Veteran Advisor

Re: No to Trump

There is a small percentage of people that are affected by this.  In the broad scheme of things, you fix the thing that is problematic, that is those that don't have a group plan.   Many of those affected, can get a tax credit to offset some of the premium.  


There are many, many of us that are not complaining.  We hear from the vocal few, that are making a lot of noise.  So, fix the thing that is broken...individuals and small businesses that don't have a group plan to help offset costs.  But, see here is where government is broken.  Because our elected leaders will never come to an agreement on how to fix it.  Sniffy's idea is to tear it all down.  And then replace it with lies, saying that we all will pay only a small percentage of what we do now if he is elected.  He solution, like all his half baked ideas, are nonsensical when you look at it - and you don't even have to look at it closely to know that what he said is an out and out lie!!!!  Eventually, someone has to pay for the cost of health care.  And whether we pay now, or pay more later, we will all have to pay.  


Tick Tock....



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Re: No to Trump

Wow, you have a $3,000 TV? ...............Would not a $1,000 TV work for you?....Think of how many people you could help with that other $2,000?????......................You could donate that "extra " money to a homeless shelter or heck just give it to the government.............They will spend it wiser than you or I could...................Liberal fail............Hypocrite...........