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Re: Nobel Peace Prize

(Of course we want NK to de-nuclearize...)

Good for you, let's hope our President can deliver, you and I are rooting for his success.

(Nice straw man you are trying to set up.)

Um, it's not a "straw man" when it's actually happening.

(But, the simpleton in the WH who thinks like an 8 yr old thought it was gonna be so easy-and now they are finding out that it’s not.)

I presume the "simpleton" comment was made to make you feel good?  I haven't heard Trump say it was gonna be easy?

(And you nimrods are ready to hand him the Peace Prize before they even meet! If it was so easy, these negotiations would have happened a long time ago.)

Hey - Ouch, Nimrods?  I guess when you cannot debate with someone, call them a name.

(As for hoping the liar fails? I’ll bet when the black guy was president you jackals cheered every time there was some sort of bump in the road or setback. Same for all the obstructionism (Supreme Court Justice etc)-it was ok for you hypocrites to approve of that, wasn’t it?)

I didn't think Obama had any bumps in the road or setbacks, at least the main stream / liberal media never reported any.

Blah blah blah liar, blah blah blah jackals, blah blah blah hypocrites.

(More Russian news today. Collusion and obstruction of justice, etc.
Cohen payment acknowledged today.
Trump hotels benefitting from the liar being in office, announced today. Emoluments issues and no ethics, no biggie, right?
What a crook....and you idiots just ignore it and cheer him on.)

Same blah blah blah we've been hearing for 2 years, blah blah blah idiots.