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Nobody ever said

yoy can keep adolescents and young adults locked up forever, or schools closed.

Which is why you would do a hard 6 week lockdown while closing off travel from affected places but more importantly quarantining and tracing all returning Americans. Meanwhile a Manhattan project is launched to have massive test and trace capacity ready for reopening.

In parallel, an expedited vaccine program is launched, which Fauci did-the only part that happened.

The worst of both.

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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Nobody ever said

If it would shut everyone the hell up if we triiiiied it, I`d be okay with it.   But will the "juvie police" keep the Lil` Rascals shut down for 6 weeks?

Re: Nobody ever said

Agree with your concern over that.  A few months of observations leads me to believe it would be tough.

But nothing compared to the effect of the “old enough to know better” open deniers.

Esteemed Advisor

Re: Nobody ever said

Dr. Evil-

“we designed an economic response predicated on a public health response that didn’t happen.”

Dennison can’t be blamed because he’d only been in office 3 years and The Deep State.