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So probably won't garner much interest.


Last night was my son's last H.S. football game, they went 500 so didn't make the playoffs.

My boy, has always been a lineman( 6'6"  245lbs) has never  once got to run the ball or catch a pass.... until last night. With less than a minute to go the Coach put him in at running back, and put the senior running back at his spot on the line......... they handed it off to him, he ran over about four kids, and then it looked like a hive of bees as the pile just kept moving, he finally went down after a 32 yard gain. He said he had not thought about it being his last game until that final play and whistle, then it hit him.  Lot of fun and memories were made over the years. He will be playing on Saturday's next year but there is just something special about Friday night lights.


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Nice story.  I played in jr. high, but wasn't able to play HS football.  I destroyed a knee as a freshman.  I remember how much it hurt when the doctor told me I'd never play again.

There isn't any HS football near where I live now.  I miss the local excitement that surrounded the games.  When fall comes, and along with it that special odor that is in the air, I tell my friends it smells like football.

That is a moment your son will always remember.  Will he be going on to play college ball?

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Re: Non Political

I'm happy for you, him,and all involved. Yeah, life moves on but you will always have the memories. And there are many more in the making.

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Re: Non Political

hopefully with that kind of size he gets to play center on the

basketball team and keep going in sports.

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Played in highschool and son played. I agree. I really miss those crisp cool Friday nights under the lights. He was blessed to go to the state championship his junior and senior year. Memories we will never forget. You won't either, but you have the added bonus of college football and new and different memories. Wish your son a healthy and fruitful college experience. Hope you get a chance to take in his games.

Re: Non Political

Yes, he got a scholarship to a smaller Division 1 school.  D-End is what they are thinking.

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Lots of travel plans already in the works. One bonus to having a trucking company and CDL is that The wife and I can pay our way to the games via that scenario.  If we choose to....

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Re: Non Political

Kudos.  Sometimes we need good non-political items. I wish your son much success.

Re: Non Political

Kinda funny and neat at the same time is his what I will call his daring....... he has played Bball since like 3rd grade, was always the big bruising rebounder and defender, never much of a scorer, but a solid asset to the team..... he announced at supper a few weeks ago that this year he was going out for Wrestling...... last year he made a similar change from playing Baseball to Track and Field. First year out and he placed 5th at state in shot....

should be an interesting winter. I think it bodes well for his future that he is willing to step out.

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Thank you !