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Re: Non Political

Thank you !

we stayed up until about three watching and rewinding his last play .... his sister drove home special after work because she wanted to see it... she got home at midnight.

Re: Non Political

Very best wishes for your son's future endeavors.


I recall actually being relieved at that moment. I loved the kids but a lot of parents got pretty tiring. I'd generally leave his mother down with the parents to do the social thing and go stand up in the far corner of the stands. Just wanted to watch the game and not have to listen to all the whining and carping.


If appropriate, I'd criticize our son, which offended my wife as not supportive in that company. If I observed that something was done badly there was a risk of creating a permanent enemy.


One of the other dads picked up on it and he'd go stand up in the other corner.


Another thing that happens with minor sports- not so much football- is that a prerequisite is year around travelling team participation. Some families thrive on the regime but when it gets down to the final varsity moments they have a huge investment in it and are a pretty tight tribe among those who've lived it for a decade or more. Gets kinda wierd.


BTW, our area puts several girls in D1 volleyball every year but it is like one dad told me- we just pre-paid the college tuition.

Re: Non Political

Have fun with the college sports thing. Our youngest had a nice 4 year career playing D3 basketball. Calculated that it ate up a set and a half or tires, but worth every dime and minute. As a side benefit made good lasting friends with many of her teammates and their families. Have fun, and good luck and health to your son.
Red Steele
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Re: Non Political

my best friends younger brother made that same switch and

placed at the state wrestling tournament.