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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: None of you winger clowns here...

So, what you`re basically telling me is your life sucked up untile Clinton got in ...and then it sucked all through George W Bush..but got alot better the last 8 years of what Obama and the Democrats did to us? 


So, you`re 75 and basically you`ve only had '16 good years" and they weren`t consecutive because George w Bush divided them.  You maybe should`ve been born in about 2004 and by the time you became aware Obama was in and then Hillary and then the Maitreya will take it from there for you.

Senior Advisor

Re: None of you winger clowns here...

I would like to back to the time when science determined gender and not the cloths you wear. I would like to go back to the time when hiring an ILLEGAL alien was punishable by law and the ILLEGAL was jailed or sent home not given sanctuary.

Veteran Advisor

Re: None of you winger clowns here...

Sorry to inform you but science has already determined that the human mind when chemicals get messed or the wiring gets messed up, humans can become convinced that they are the opposite sex.  That is science, NOT a choice.  As to the illegals, there is a law against hiring them.  However, the majority of the business people by the right's own word, are conservative (since liberals don't have the sense needed to be business men) want to hire the illegals for cheap labor and the local law doesn't bother them.  Therefore, nothing is ever done about the illegals except your lip service to do something about them.