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North Californian Republicans

they want their own State of Jefferson...guess they don't feel represented by Nancy, Barbara, and Diane.


They feed the state and own the will this one end up?


Here in southern MN, I don't feel represented by Gov Goofy, Ladies Aide Klobuchar, and Abortionist Tina Smith, so I have great empathy for the fellow farmers, other business owners, and retired conservatives in the golden state.

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BA Deere
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Re: North Californian Republicans

I understand their frustration, but here`s my fear if "Jefferson" becomes another state, what happens if through immigration and "white liberal flight" northern California becomes politically like the southern valley area and bay area?   Then you could have 2 extra, liberal senators and how ever many representatives at the federal level, like a past sensible Florida is now purple and getting bluer each election due to liberal New Yorkers retiring and bringing their liberal values with I don`t know.  


I think at the federal level, while we have a sensible majority in office presently, there should be some kind of "local protection amendment" to the constitution, where a liberal state just can`t supersede the 2nd amendment and take guns away or force counties to house and give welfare to non-citizens out of the local coffers.  Or sue a citizen that disks for fire protection because he disturbed the environment of some damned kangaroo rat.