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Senior Advisor

North Carolina releases 486 violent ILLEGALS

This is why we need the second amendment. Our government refuses to protect us from violent criminals that manage to cross our borders. They want to open our borders to criminals and then take away our best means of self protection.


Sen. Thom Tillis on Monday blasted sanctuary cities in his home state of North Carolina for turning loose nearly 500 illegal immigrants despite detention requests from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“These North Carolina counties are releasing illegal immigrants charged with violent crimes like rape and murder without even notifying federal officials, jeopardizing public safety,” Mr. Tillis fumed.

The release of 489 illegal immigrants by law enforcement agencies across North Carolina was detailed in a report by WBTV in Charlotte. The illegals were turned loose during the past 10 months as a result of sanctuary city policies that ignore detainer requests from ICE, according to the report.