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North Pole heading east

Change in direction and speed.

And 'we' humans are responsible.

Amazing what we can do when we all work together to warm things up.


The North Pole suddenly changed direction and started drifting east around the year 2000. Now scientists have uncovered the reason — and found that humans are to blame.

The geographic North Pole, located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, is the northern end of Earth's rotational axis. Its location, and that of the South Pole with it, affects GPS measurements, along with results from Earth-observing satellites and ground-based observatories, so keeping track of the pole is important to scientists.

They have been tracking its exact location for 115 years and found that it has drifted as much as 12 metres over that time. Generally, it had been moving in the direction of Canada about seven or eight centimetres a year.

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Re: North Pole heading east

So which way is east from the North Pole?

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Re: North Pole heading east

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Re: North Pole heading east

They have been tracking the N pole for 115 years in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, have to ask how they marked it in 1901? a long stick, steam powered GPS.


I guess all I really just need to know is how many metres my property line has moved in central KS,  Can I farm 12 metres of my neighbors land or only about 6 metres.  Hopefully my neighbor on the other side doesn't know about this. 


Re: North Pole heading east

The same way west is from the south pole  Smiley Happy