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Northwestern 7 Iowa 0

There aint nothing easy.

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Re: Northwestern 7 Iowa 0

Northwestern 21  Iowa 17   final



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Re: Northwestern 7 Iowa 0

Just be glad you're not an IU fan.

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Re: Northwestern 7 Iowa 0

Is it me, or does Iowa look about 2 steps slow the last 2 games. The Michigan St. game was outstanding. The last 2 have been poor. I don't get it. Most teams by November are getting better not going the other way. Maybe I am just asking to much. Disappointing.

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Re: Northwestern 7 Iowa 0

Which I, Illinois or Indiana. As for the Hoosiers, ouch! As for the other, I've been waiting to say this for 2 months....


.....GO GOPHERS!!!

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Re: Mighty Texas failure

I heard and interesting interview of the Texas Longhorn head coach. The question being a team with a remarkable record the past 10 years has totally collapsed this season.


The head coach says " its' a failure of offense, defense, special teams, the coaches and ultimately a failure of my leadership."


Another pundit said that Texas has had the benefit of Colt McCoy as a quarterback the past few years. He graduated and moved on to the pros. But McCoy was more than a quarterback he was a team leader. The heart of the team which inspired all team members to play to their potential.


They have replaced him with a quality quarterback but the team has not jelled. There is something missing and it is that great leader and inspiration for the team.


As to Iowa, it is a good solid team but unable to maintain the quality of performance on a weekly basis. Michigan State game was Iowa at it's best when all facets of the game were near perfection. Yesterday, they were off stride. Too many passes dropped that should have been caught. The receivers were making their moves without having possession of the ball. The defense could not contain the illusive Northwestern quarterback who was an exceptional threat with both the pass and the run.


I hope Iowa offers OSU a similar performance they bestowed on MSU. They may not come out on top but will be less painful to watch. I like winning but giving a quality team a good challenge is almost as good.