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Not Strange Bedfellows - Reps & Dems

It surprises none of us that Republicans are more like Democrats and vice-versa than either would have acknowledged before.


They're both politicians at heart and more worried about their little world than with the people who elected them.  It's the only world they know. 


This is the time for another party or parties to emerge.  I'm not predicting it will happen.  Still, many people are sick of both parties and say a pox on both their houses.


This Tea-party, Ross Perot thing has been building and festering and now that it's out in the open, the two big parties may find it hard to put back in the can.


Getting rid of Donald Trump may be their goal, but getting rid of the American public (of all political persuasions) may be a little more complicated.  The American public may say to the two big parties, "the emperor has no clothes".


I can't believe the Dems aren't doing a better job of introspection - this is their great chance but they are blowing it because their leadership is a blind as the Reps leadership to the real gripes of the American people.