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Not for Joe the Plumber


As it is a tiny bit complicated.


Not to judge, but essentially here's the likely deal.


-El Donaldo's net worth is probably a bit shy of 1 $B.


-He probably has rarely, if ever, shown a taxable profit


- He can write off most of his lifestyle, inlcuding residence, plane.


-He probably spends more than his actual accounting based income but is able to borrow against appreciating assets.


Wouldn't think it would matter to most of his afficionados because he lies constantly and nobody cares. And he's a much better kind of liar than the Hildebeest. And...the GUBMINT!

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Re: Not for Joe the Plumber


You are right that it wont matter at this point,


No lie, threat, or even truth about that partial Billionaire matters to his supporters.


The entire gop is one hot mess, and for that I do thank the reality star.



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Re: Not for Joe the Plumber

I don`t know the answer to this question, but does New York have a tax on net worth or how would Trump`s networth be revealed from income taxes?    I think Trump is smart delaying the release of his taxes, because I-guaran-damned-well-tee you even if it was Jesus Christ of Nazereth`s taxes, the liberals would find some nit-picky thing to harp on.  Some crap about "Trump`s tax bracket is lower than Warren Bufett`s secretary!" or some similar damned crap.  The man is audited every year, that is plenty good for me.


Re: Not for Joe the Plumber

Yes, the estimates of his net worth are from other sources.


As the top notch financial journalist notes, you'd be very surprised if his returns aren't meticulously compliant to the letter of the law.


Just some interesting questions in regards to the nature of that sort of "business" and how it might slightly change the view of some Cargo Cultists.


But back to the top, that quickly descends into Joe the Plumber territory.