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gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Not for the faint hearted repigs.

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Senior Contributor

Re: Not for the faint hearted repigs.

Good article, gough. The last three paragraphs really pegs the problems of the GOP. Like was stated by me and elsewhere, the GOP is clueless, out of touch, and out of ideas, they are losers.


The NRA is not the GOP, but the crossover between the two cannot be overstated, especially among both groups' hardliners. Theirs is an angry, ageing white male southern base that is willing the world to be different from what it actually is.

And though the 4 million NRA members stand by their second amendment right to bear arms, many are becoming disillusioned by a leadership wedded to a pro-gun dogma increasingly out of step with the broader public.

These are the pillars of the base that controls Republican primary politics, and until the party frees itself of their delusions it will keep losing elections

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bruce MN

Re: Not for the faint hearted repigs.

Them, all right, in cahoots with the real "movers and shakers". The 'riche' who host the parties and galas that hoist up the nominees.


He!! of a good read: