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Re: Not going to Arlington?

But other veterans say they're not disturbed by Obama's decision. "We don't really see the big deal, so long as he's taking the time to honor our fallen war heroes throughout Memorial Day weekend," said Ryan Galluci, spokesman for AMVETS. "After all, it's not ground-breaking for a sitting president to visit other national cemeteries or overseas America cemeteries over the holiday. Arlington is certainly not the only place our fallen heroes are buried, so why not pay your respects to veterans around the country?"

Obama is not the first president to miss the ceremony at the 5,000-seat Arlington amphitheater. Ronald Reagan spoke at West Point one year and went to his California ranch another year. George H.W. Bush, a war veteran, did not go at all. Bill Clinton -- who did not serve in Vietnam and had a rocky time dealing with the military -- went to Arlington all eight years, and George W. Bush, who went from 2003 onward.



BTW Obama will be attening services at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Cemetary in Illinois.


Veteran Advisor

Re: Not going to Arlington?

I think you belittled one person here recently by saying something about their mother not raising a very bright child.  Well, for sure your mother didn't.  He did honor the fallen military but at the Lincoln National Cemetery.  You might check on what some of your recent heroes have done in their first year as far as days off the job before you start griping about this president.  My Grandpa always it was better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you're an idiot than opening it and removing all doubt.  Put a clamp on it!!