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Not news to me....I see this all the time

As Democrats celebrate averting election disaster, we can't ignore the voters we're losing (

democrats offer up a crap sandwich that no one really wants. I think Republicans are in a good place right now going forward.

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Re: Not news to me....I see this all the time

Had seen that.

Very good piece from someone  seems to be well posed to become a National party leader.

I’m surprised that you’d have linked it had you read it all.  He’s essentially encouraging those who came out and provided the “on the margins” support that accomplished this election. Going forward they are going to make it difficult for RW screechers and evangelists to paint his party as all “elites”. Adams is simply acknowledging, thanking and encouraging them. 

After the Dennison/MAGA ***** show we’ve just gone through sitting Democrat leaders aren’t going to ***** on the little people who “came through”.

Essentially, the demographics that, respectfully imho, rejected Hillary came back. And added people who were 12 and 13 during she and her neoliberal and corporatist led party ran that fateful campaign.

I just read it again and am still bewildered as to how you somehow saw it as RW justified. It’s impossible for me to see how Republicans can adopt the populist track he calls for and at the same time drop the big stew of -isms that seem to terminally infect it.

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Re: Not news to me....I see this all the time


Not to be the Debbie Downer this morning, but all the 2022 election taught me was that there are vast swaths of American voters who are more or less satisfied with the current status it pertains to them. What is a tolerable status quo, however, is not necessarily either functional or even likable. It is just tolerable.

High gas/food/rent inflation, illegal immigration, crime, Fentanyl overdose deaths, funding meaningless foreign wars, and systemic government corruption were well advertised campaign issues. Yet, the voters chose to keep doing the same thing into the foreseeable future (See: Successful Democratic Party campaigns in California, NY, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, etc.]. Vox populi.

As we move into the Thanksgiving & Christmas seasons, perhaps it is time celebrate family, friends, neighbors, good health, fortune, and the blessings God has given us. Politics and the normal human condition failures notwithstanding, things are almost never so bad if they are not directly effecting us. Let’s enjoy what we have.

[File under: Whooville will always celebrate Christmas.]


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Re: Not news to me....I see this all the time

No, there is vast fraud.  

There is a difference in ballots and votes.  The problem is they both count the same in regards to justifying the algorithms. 

Look at AZ. Lake won election day voting by a 70%something to 20%something ratio.  

That's fraud in the ballot system that will get prosecuted when the new AG takes over.  

Secondly, look at Florida where they prosecuted election fraud and had integrity measures in place.  It was supposedly a purple state for how long?  Yet went deeply red. 

When you look at the evidence, there's massive fraud.  Has been for decades.  

Yet the commies still couldn't pull off a house win.  And are having to drag out how many races still? 

 Do you really think it takes them this long to count votes in strongly held conservative districts?  And why are they counting them last?


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Re: Not news to me....I see this all the time

The vote count for "Karizona"  is being slow walked in hopes certain factions of Republicans will do something stupid.

from The Salty Cracker:


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Re: Not news to me....I see this all the time

gh, the same thing is obviously true in MN, too. If you go by actual live voting, none of the democrats could win a vote for village dogcatcher, and they know it.