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Not sure policy matters

or the daily gotcha stuff, unless something really big turns up.


Trump has sheared off the white identity portion of the GOP- the largest- along with sometimes overlapping subsets of Christian identity, culture war folks and some like minded folks from I and D.


Most everybody else is just going to vote against the Tribe, one way or the other. In both cases it is mostly a turnout game and a question of what the 3rd and 4th choices peel off.


It is like the Asian Americans who, given the status as the model immigrants, were assumed to be easy pickings for the GOP. The problem is that The Tribe scares them, probably with some good historical reasons. So they'll be voting against Trump, probably at a higher turnout level than their historically modest involvement.


Whites make up about 65% of the population but he'll be hard pressed to get more than 2/3rds of that. There's some leakage both ways but that approximately hits his 40% cap.

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Re: You obviously bust have missed this

Forgive me for generalizing because there are many notable exceptions.


But it only makes sense that among the survivors of the neoliberal farm winnowing there are many who were raised by wolves.

Re: You obviously bust have missed this

Hadn't heard that in a while.  Makes me long for my maternal Grandmother. She used that term, not to describe bums or hooligans, but rather people who were void of empathy. Who expected to be respected and admired. Not for anything they'd done, but for their mere existence. All that the wolves left them with