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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Noted fake source on nothingburger story

What I`ve noticed is liberals need a "Svengali" to tell them what to think and they will post a blog or tweet from the Svengali and that`s supposed to shut down the discussion.   Whether it`s MacDonald from Canada or Ambrose-Pritchard or Josh Marshall and the Snopes.  Snopes is good at debunking a "email" that`s been going around.  They will have a copy of something that I`ve never seen that runs down Democrats a blue streak (it`s probably 90% true if not 100% just the last 10% can`t be proven) Snopes  will say "FALSE X" for some small inconsequential reason like it wasn`t a email, it was on Facebook...and then the whole body of what was written is considered "debunked by Snopes!!!". 

I think the mistake that liberals make with the rest of us is that Trump isn`t our Svengali, if Trump becomes a open borders guy and "America 2nd or 3rd" we will dump him like a bad habit.  Fox News isn`t our Svengali (don`t receive Fox News except clips on You Tube) .  I line up with Pat Buchanan because over the years, he`s been right from the beginning, but if he changes i`ll drop him too. 

Veteran Advisor

Re: Noted fake source on nothingburger story

Good post BA, and the Svengali trait about liberals is something we both have alluded to several times before. 

Liberals, for the most part, lack critical thinking skills. 

The biggest laugh used to be when Bruce and Nutz would link to Krugman as if what that fool wrote meant anything.

Yeah, Nobel winner, I was Barry.