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Nothing new, Democrats legalize theft.

"one of California's biggest blunders. Supported by the state Democratic Party and championed by the American Civil Liberties Union,"

"five years ago that critics say effectively gives shoplifters and addicts the green light to commit crimes as long as the merchandise they steal or the drugs they take are less than $950 in value"

The state Democrats have made theft legal.  You can steal up to $950 and get a ticket, . . . if caught and prosecuted,  something that isn't happening.  Police aren't coming to arrest the thieves and if they did come the thief would be gone.

Merchandise is sold at ½ value and the money used to buy drugs.  

California is a wonderland.  Wonder what the Democrats will try next to make it unlivable for normal (if there are any in California) people.


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Re: Nothing new, Democrats legalize theft.

That's why it's called lawfare. It's warfare where the weapon is the law.  The dems change them at will to make anything they do legal. Just look at how they changed the whistle blower law to try to remove Trump from office.

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Re: Nothing new, Democrats legalize theft.

I didn`t think Democrats would want the competition   Smiley Happy  But like everything, they regulate shoplifting to $950, which isn`t much of a threat to their $50,000/month Ukrainian board of directors gigs and other graft.

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Re: Nothing new, Democrats legalize theft.

Reading the article it makes me believe that it will put some out of business.  If people can come into your store and steal $900 worth of goods and return to do it again without any repercussions, how long will you last?

And being California you can't shoot or probably even  detain the culprits.   Maybe there will be openings for large people who like to use force, kind of a bouncer for retail outlets.  Something like I've seen on Pawn Stars with the mountain sized guy sitting by the door.

It'll be a race to see if the state can steal their profits quicker than the other criminals can steal their merchandise. 

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Re: Nothing new, Democrats legalize theft.

Progs arent smart enough to think things through.

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Re: Nothing new, Democrats legalize theft.

I'm sure they will come up with some kind of subsidy to cover the loses. Then they will accuse the repubs of taking away their subsidy.

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Re: Nothing new, Democrats legalize theft.

You people just amaze me....this

Bill was passed long ago...your

Just waking up ?

The idea was sound....the court

And prison were overcrowed.

So, the levels were lowered.

Yes still is a crime to

Steal....i dont agree with the dollar

Amount, it sounds high.

Ok...moral question (this should

Be good)....the young lady that 

Stole food for hungry children,

Should they throw the book

At her ??

In most areas, if food is stolen due

To lack of food/hunger....there are

Very high odds, store will not

Press charges, nor will da.

Could you imagine the bad pr !!!

Is it right... No....but what are you

Going to do ??  Let the family

Starve ?

If you answer need

To go to church in the morning

And have pastor explain it to



Senior Advisor

Re: Nothing new, Democrats legalize theft.

Well elcheapo, 65 years of the government war on poverty, trillions of dollars transferred from the rich to the poor under multiple government agencies and the only way this women can feed her kids is to drag them into a store and teach them to take what they just got a lesson in what government run health care will be like.


She must have attended public school. Why is it she isn't even smart enough to stop in the sheriff's office or the police station and get direction to the local food pantry or the salvation army.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Nothing new, Democrats legalize theft.

Yea of little knowage.

Foodbanks....they dont always give

Food...our local food bank...which

I am fighting with....only allows

2 visits per year.

There are people with chronic

Needs...such as the old, disabled,

Single parents.

Seems like everyone has the answers....too bad they are wrong


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Re: Nothing new, Democrats legalize theft.

So where is all the government dollars we send for poverty? Funding for planned parenthood yet nothing for the woman with starving kids. Now that is something that makes you sick.