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No mention of the possible opening salvo of Armegeddon that was fired yesterday?


Health insurance, BP,  cap and trade, DADT? Nothing compares with what the administration has to be mulling these next few days as to what our official response is going to be.



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Senior Advisor

Re: Nothing?

We know Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers are on the side of hamas along with code pink's Jodie Evans. Not too hard to figure out where the President will stand.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Nothing?

The wishy washy administration has sent out no coherent message as to what the USA foreign responses are going to be. These are really scary times, and would be so even with a steady hand on the helm. Why the voters in the USA would place their trust in someone young and inexperienced is way beyond me. But we have to go with what we have right now, and hope for the best in the rest of Barry Hussein's term. I can sympathize with Israel, though...they do not feet they can trust him either and are preparing for the possibility that they will have to go it alone. Which is the way it should have been a long, long time ago. Their interests, and those of the USA do not run parallel.

I did think about Jews over the weekend, in connection with BP....Jews are inventive and resourceful, and I would bet that Israel scientists would have figured out how to cap that BP leak a long time ago. Just watching that British it Hayword?...makes me cringe as he comes across, like obama, as someone not up to the task. Some people just don't exude confidence, and both of them fit that bill. I guess that is the opposite of leadership.