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paid $1.2 million to Cohen for something.


The battle to keep atrazine registered is continuous although hardly seems to be necessary given that Pruitt would approve radioactive waste for crops.

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drainin' that swamp

looks like some $3 million to Cohen thus far.


Even given the 360 degrees of latitude that partisans will give him, he didn't register as a lobbyist.


Others, such as Newt, were wise enough to offer up their "trump whisperer" credentials on a legal and registered basis.

my apologies

the obvious answer is that it was sold to ChemChina in Sep. '17.

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Re: Novartis

The smell coming from the white house
Grows stronger every day

Basically the president taking bribes from
Company's (ATT, now the above, and others)
Now the Russians...and while these were not
Campaign funds...they are worse, money going
To Trump's lawyer/frount man to "get to know"
Trump, and using the money to hush up people,
Pay Trump's bills, etc.

You know things are ready to implode when
All of this is comming out, Mueller has over 90
Papers ready to go to question people, tump
Goes back and forth to be interviewed, he hires
A flash and bang lawyer to cloud the water, is
Going to sue the DOJ...and now he has some of
His Republicans drones to shut things down
(Question is how much are they getting)

If a hick in the middle of nowhere can see and
Smell it

My God how bad is it when you see it up close ?

further apologies

Novartis did not retain a lot of ownership in Syngenta following the last merger.


They did pay Cohen for something, though. My apologies for creating a straw man for the knockin' over.

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There is no proof Trump knew anything about it.  Muellers group talked to att and novartis months ago and nothing has come of it.


Novartis said they dropped Cohen because he provided nothing:


In March 2017, Novartis had its first meeting with Michael Cohen under this agreement. Following this initial meeting, Novartis determined that Michael Cohen and Essential Consultants would be unable to provide the services that Novartis had anticipated related to US healthcare policy matters and the decision was taken not to engage further. As the contract unfortunately could only be terminated for cause, payments continued to be made until the contract expired by its own terms in February 2018.




Re: except

Months ago and nothing came of it?  I wasn’t aware that this slow moving undertaking was immediately charging or clearing anybody.  A couple of “coffee boys” early on, maybe.


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Re: Novartis

Watergate took 26 months.
Whitewater et al went on for what? 3 or 4 years?
Mueller has so much info on the various shenanigans by this group of crooks/traitors,
the cons on here couldn’t even begin to fathom’ll take awhile.
You guys want proof? Wait til they see what’s in those documents of Mr Versatile Cohen
(Scientist, lawyer, accountant), then maybe you guy’ll see the swamp in action.

Also possible, re Avianti

That the Investigating team wishes that they’d never heard of him and he’d never come along.  I would doubt they’d have the same objectives. If they were working on crafting actual charges they probably didn’t need any help.


Turley  takes note of the legitimate whataboutism in play. Cohen not totally new under the sun:

Re: except

Yes, probably the moral equivalent of Khadaffy paying Billy Carter for access.


But there is a putrified stench of swamp gas emanating from every corner of the Admin on an order of magnitude far beyond any other.


A major tactic that cult leaders always employ is to tell their sheeple not to trust anyone on the outside. Once that's accomplished then they can literally get away with murder.