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Now Things will start cooking

Mike Pompeo, Director of the CIA, will become our new Secretary of State. He will do a fantastic job! Thank you to Rex Tillerson for his service! Gina Haspel will become the new Director of the CIA, and the first woman so chosen. Congratulations to all!

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Re: Now Things will start cooking

Ya 'spose Putin picked this one too?

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Re: Now Things will start cooking

Yeah, the words, "Your're doing a good job, Brownie!" are the first thing I thought of.  Then, my thoughts went to  Betsy Devos, and how great a job she is doing.  And then all the people that have left, or been fired in this so called administration.  Seems that everyone Trump hires is GREAT, until they aren't.  


But, I guess that's just the way an a - - hole rolls....


Tick Tock(mf)......BONGx10!!!!!!!!!!



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Re: Now Things will start cooking

golly darn jenny, you went and looked in the toilet bowl to see a brownie and YOU were still thinking about yourself. That's okay,, 8 years of blatant

corruption with the aid of the Clinton foundation, dang near anything has been an improvement


Keep America Great!




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Re: Now Things will start cooking

Loaden 'em  up  from  Kansas  T  Party  folks ,  interesting  huddle ,  outa  the  Topeka  Swamp ---  


Well, if you define cooking

as torture, in contravention of the Geneva Convention, yes.


She was involved with the CIA torture program in the 00s.