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Veteran Advisor

Now the Me Too Movement gets God

Freeman Almighty gets accused of inappropriate comments. At least 8 women say that the 80 yr old  Morgan Freeman, aka as God in Bruce Almighty, said lewd comments to them during filming some of his recent movies. 


From reading what people post in this public forum over the last decade of so, I think just about every man has said something that could be misconstrued as harassment or inappropriate. Women too, for that matter. One of the deceased posters put up lewd comments on a daily basis that make Morgan Freeman seem pretty tame, and I always thought it was a sign of early Alzeheimers onset. A friend that worked in a nursing home said that the old guys were always making comments, trying to pinch, etc.


Doesn't make it right, good, or appropriate, but it is what it is. 


What is going to be next....can they come up with a way to determine what you are thinking and derail your career for inappropriate thoughts? Are the thought police coming?