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Now there's a good environmentalist?

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg was seen riding a bike with multiple SUVs in tow on his way to a Cabinet meeting on Thursday in what appears to have been an attempt at an environmentalist photo-op.

(buttigieg) likely wanted to showcase his efforts to arrive at the White House meeting in a climate-friendly way. Only he was caught by CNN reporter DJ Judd unloading the bike from a gas-guzzling SUV just moments before.

A longer version of the video clearly shows security personnel unloading the bike off a bike rack situated on the back of the SUV. After that, the former Democratic presidential candidate mounts the bike and appears to wait until several security agents' SUVs are ready to escort him. Then he takes off with the vehicles following closely behind.

"Use an armored Suburban to bring a bike within a short distance of the destination. Unload it and ride in with a security detail in tow, pretending to save energy," the commenter added.

Mmm, it is the same as taking a car to the finish line of the Boston Marathon and getting out, jogging the last 100 feet and raising your hands in victory.

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Re: Now there's a good environmentalist?

they found poop all over the whitehouse grounds, too, and have determined that it is NOT the scat of joebiden. That can't be good for the environment, either.

Stelter Has the Scoop on the White House Pooper, Uses it to Justify the Press’s Behavior Toward Bide...

at least Hunter Biden is clean....wait....did he finally admit that the laptop was his, and that he was in the vicinity of the repair shop at the time his signature shows up on the repair ticket? And why isn't that a story, or why there isn't a story of how all of that is being suppressed?

when you hear or read these bs stories....just think of what they are not reporting, and why not.

we need a news network not bought and paid for by the CCP.

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Re: Now there's a good environmentalist?

We all know clime change isn't about the climate, it's about power.

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Re: Now there's a good environmentalist?

That's   what  Texas  said  a  few  weeks  back ,  forget  the  power  grab ,  give  US  the  power  -  -  -

Finding  out  how  fabulous  the  privatized  power  grab  really  is , was  on  display ,  with  Bankruptcy's lining  up  the  following  week -  -  -     

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Re: Now there's a good environmentalist?

(We all know clime change isn't about the climate, it's about power.)

Yep, but it's funny as heck watching a woke environmentalist like buttigreen spend thousands of dollars and and all that fossil fuel to haul his bike to within a block or 2 of his destination and then ride his bike that block or 2 and then have his cult hypocrats praise how environmental sound he is.

However I'm sure it's the only option for people like buttigieg and kerry.