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Now they want your 22.

Perfect example of how to criminalise the innocent.



The gun ban that has gone to New Jersey Governor Christie for signature has been described as a “gun magazine restriction“,  but it bans numerous common sport and hunting rifles. The ban has no exemption for rifles with fixed magazines, including most common .22 rimfire rifles that are used for sport and small game hunting…and almost never used in crimes. Assembly Bill 2006 bans rifles that meet this definition: (4) A semi-automatic rifle with a fixed magazine capacity exceeding [15] 10 rounds . . .


The bracket and underline show the existing and proposed laws. There are no exemptions for grandfathering. Anyone who possesses such rifles after the ban goes into effect will be guilty of a felony. This has already happened at least once, when the owner of a .22 Marlin that he won at a police raffle was convicted for owning the firearm. The model owned was either the one pictured below a very similar Marlin.  It is an “assault weapon” under current New Jersey law, as it has a magazine capacity of 17:



The New Jersey ban would make all of them in the state instant contraband. Here is a list of common sporting rifles that would be banned by the law:

Browning  Semi-Auto .22
Colt Colteer and variants
Franchi Centennial .22
Marlin model 60 and variants
Norinco ATD .22 (Browning Clone)
Remington 6A and variants
Remington Nylon 66, clones, and variants
Remington 552
Remington 550
Remington 241
Savage model 87A and variants
Winchester model 74
Winchester 190, 290 and variants

This isn’t an exhaustive list. It is hard to think of rifles that were more obviously designed for “sporting purposes”.  To my knowledge, they are one of the few firearms that was not originally intended as a potential military design. It seems that New Jersey legislators have not heard that “No one wants to ban your hunting rifle.”

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Re: Now they want your 22.

Ask the parents of those who got blasted the other day and I think they would agree with me. Your answer is to give them more guns to protect themselves but there are people out there against guns and the nut jobs take advantage of that by their defenceless killing of them. If you think that justifies more guns, you need to visit a doctor immediately. 


Dont come that stupidity that we need them for protection, hunting and blah blah blah.  I have heard it all before and it still is all BS.  We have next to no guns here and the world didnt stop turning because of it and we dont need to think we will overthrow the government like Beck is promoting in your country.  I little bit of maturity is what is needed but like common sense, it is not that common.


Re: Now they want your 22.

as schurrbart would say---- you're an idiot

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Re: Now they want your 22.

Why did faux noose cut most of the statement from one of the fathers whose son was one of the 7 killed in CA?? Not enough time for the extra minute?
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Re: Now they want your 22.

All the "news" channels are playing the crap out of the "distraught father`s" 1 minute gun control "commercial".  If anyone has been living under a rock, here it is 


nevermind the fact that the murderer was a spoiled brat that was just upset that he couldn`t get laid...he also used a knife too. 

If Richard Martinez wants a "liberal paradise" with no guns, such a place does`s called prison. 

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Re: Now they want your 22.

ALL of them didn't. Faux didn't. Wonder why??
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Re: Now they want your 22.

Out here in the sticks, we don`t get "Fox News" so I don`t know if what you`re saying is true.  ABC, CBS and NBC are playing the hell out of it.  How about some balance?  A guy talking common sense also given a 1 minute tirade as to what is really wrong with society today.

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Someday you will regret bring a major dumbazz.  


Or maybe not, I dont think sociopaths have regrets.

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the only dümbasses that will have regrets..

...will be the dümbasses that give up their guns and their rights to the heathen that hate and rule over them.