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Now, this hilarious in a pathetic sort of way.

From the gang who can't shoot straight, aka the leading proponents of guns in America, the NRA.

Well, so much from the "a good guy with a gun" crowd.

I get a distinct impression that LaPierre afraid & clearly out of his element.  The guide is clearly trying to make sure LaPierre doesn't kill him instead of the elephant.

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Re: Now, this hilarious in a pathetic sort of way.

Pay attention son, k-289 tried killing this strawman just a few weeks ago.


You morons run the same plays over and over and over and over and over and over..... it just gets boring.


I'll just post the same reply, but sub Rickety for K-289... it will save time.


"Oh and Rickety... if you're going to try to kill a straw man...  you should choose a better straw man to kill.


https: //   "It wasn’t until 1871 that the Second Amendment met its first true domestic enemy…the National Rifle Association.  “The National Rifle Association has been in support of workable, enforceable gun control legislation since its very inception in 1871.”  — NRA Executive Vice President Franklin L. Orth NRA’s The American Rifleman magazine, March 1968, P. 22" "