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bruce MN

Nox. Football question

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Senior Advisor

Re: Nox. Football question

Lol, no, but folk are really steamed.

Reminds me of when during the NFL refs strike one of the more notorious replacements was a guy who'd been fired for incompetence by the Lingerie Football League. True.

Reminds me of the words of a coach who wasn't real successful but always had good lines after the game. He said, we have 100 people working their tails off to try to put on a good contest and it comes down to a Jr. High principal from East #########.


Re: Nox. Football question

I stopped watching football a while ago. Now my new thing is playing football video games. I feel much calmer while playing them. Especially after a long day of work. Because I used to come home angry and frustrated, and watch football on TV and become even angrier and stressed. Now I play Madden NFL 21, and I even buy MADDEN COINS XBOX ONE, because I want to build the best football team in this game. I heard a lot of bad reviews about this game, but I can't understand why people who never played it are complaining. I think they read about something and just pass that opinion further.