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bruce MN

Nox...where'd your thread go?

Not to be discussed here?

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Re: Nox...where'd your thread go?

I 'spose on account of citing an article of apparel.


A whole lotta Economic Freedom's being goin' on, though.


Given that one of the Panama principals has Nazi/CIA ties you gotta wonder what might lead back to America's (until quite recently) leading political family. Hey, throw "The Clintons" in there too, I don't care. Let the cards fall where they may if anyone really cares to turn them over.


On Unaoil, Halliburton is smack dab in it. Although we do have a national soft spot for tough guys who will do whatever it takes. We don;t want to know.


The international oil business is the dirtiest there is although I imagine that the Kochs are relatively well insulated from it. They handle the onshore portion and just launder money from the multi-nationals into the political system.