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Nuclear fallout: no corn or soybeans sales to China

well folks, tweetie bird said today he might stop trade with counties that do business with north korea......and who is on that list......



bets on limit down on Tuesday ?

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Re: Nuclear fallout: no corn or soybeans sales to China

What's China gonna do if they can't ship all that stuff to Wally World?


Corn and beans piling up here, plastic crap over there.


Think I'll take the crop piles as opposed to the plastic crap.


You realize they'll try to get their grain needs somewhere else, that'll create a shortage there, run prices 


up, take it away from someone else. Guess where someone else will have to get it. Very close to 


a zero sum game for a year in farm country. Maybe a price bump about a month after its starts.


China probably not gonna let people get hungry over the lunatic in N Korea.


We might be short junk on Wal-Mart shelves, guessing we'll survive fine, might want to unload


Your Wally world stock.


Wonder where they'll market their trinkets and plastic.


Food might be easier.

Re: Nuclear fallout: no corn or soybeans sales to China

Intrigued by "plastic crap".  What sort of stuff?

BA Deere
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Here you go, Bruce

Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc 4 (1)

The Panasonic ES-LA63-S is without a doubt a step forward from the previous generation of Panasonic electric razors. It’s manufactured in Japan, some of the lower end models being made in China. The blades seem to be slightly more powerful and the shave is a bit closer. The curve present in the “Arc” foils seem



and the Chinese chicken and your brain starts tickin`   



Yet, despite these concerns:

    • Chinese facilities which process chicken for consumption in the U.S. will not have on-site USDA inspectors to ensure food safety.


    • Chinese-processed chicken will not have to bear “Country Of Origin Labeling,” which means that consumers will not know if they are purchasing or eating chicken processed in China.


  • Chinese-processed chicken, as my reporting showed, can be used in school meals and other federal child nutrition programs, despite the fact that children are particularly vulnerable to foodborne illnesses and dangerous chemicals.

Even more alarming is USDA’s plan to eventually allow chicken raised and slaughtered in China to be imported directly into the United States, despite the fact that:


Gotta be true, from Huffington Post in 2014, right?

BA Deere
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Re: Here you go, Bruce

China sells us $1 billion in junk MORE than we sell them every day, $360Billion more every trade war?   Bring it!    So, let`s say beans go up 2 to 4 cents Tueday, anybody gonna be admitting they were wrong?   doubt it, be on to the next Henny Penny sky is falling routine.

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Re: Here you go, Bruce

I may be wrong, but the trading computers scan the news headlines, and if it comes out that the united states will cut exports (commodities)

to china, the computers will not look at the number of "pink chickens" imported, they will view it as a neg impact, and thus trigger things

to go lower..............


we no longer have a human in the loop.


and those who want a trade war.......consider your rural communities........what would $1 down in the soybeans and 50 cents in the corn

have on your community ?  think things bad now ??


china imports more than just "plastic junk"........a lot of the electronics, that we have become dependent on.

yes, I use the bearings from china.......i'm not going to spend 100% more for American........if wheat was $6 a bu, you bet I would, but

not when it's $3,  There comes a time that we must look out for ourselves and our families, and that's one of them.

I'm sorry, but I really don't feel all that sorry for some of the American workers that lost their jobs......they had better homes than I do,

they had new pickup, 5th wheel camper and speed boat.......close to $100,000 going down the road on the weekends.....

i'm sorry, I work the weekends, I can't afford all of that......but they "deserved" that......what do I an my family deserve.....nothing ??

i'm sorry but that dog isn't going to hunt here.  In instances American labor has been it's own worset enemy, and left companys

no other choice to go overseas....if you have a company, and your labor is just too high, what do you do ???  move to where you

can make money or just roll over and die ?

I don't know how many times I've heard on here, that if you can't make it, you need to get out, or nobody said you had to farm......

i'll turn that around, nobody said you will have a job for you.......why am I different than the person making filters in BA's home

town ?

After the past several weeks with the hell we've been thru, and looks similar going forward into the future, I've changed, I used

to be kind of a nice fellow no's now all about me an my own.......I don't care if you call that liberal, democratic, or

whatever, that's the way it's going to be, and I frankly don't give a damn.  I don't need it explained to me about basis, markets,

etc.....all I know is that margins are thin, at best, and when I see the coops, and grain elevators, fertilizer, seed sales, and everyone

else have nice pickups, good wages, etc........while I work and work, and pray to GOD to help me make ends meet every day, and

pray for no major breakdowns that will cost big $$$$.......while everyone I "SUPPORT".......just say so

that's not going to go here anymore.......

and if you want to take money away from me, by saying, we don't need trade deals, and things like that..........i'll say this,

you know where you can go when you die, you can go their directly, and I question if your mom and dad were married when

you were born.

but............many people have been this way for a long time.....most in the labor unions, and in big business.

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Re: Nuclear fallout: no corn or soybeans sales to China

If jung ung launches a few of those things into heavily populated cities he will wipe out so many people there will be no need for your wheat.

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Re: Here you go, Bruce

Based on history, you are wrong, elcheapo.  Examples include the Cuban missile crisis, Yom Kippur ware and others.


If this works it's self out the fraidy cats will miss out.  If it doesn't work it's way out, your market position may not matter much.  So enjoy it and go along for the ride.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Here you go, Bruce

A lot of irony there ElCheapo, you say "labor was their worst enemy with high wages having campers, new homes and the weekend off" on the other side of your mouth complain that "wheat is too cheap and the basis sucks" well us farmers are the epitome of being our own worst enemy in over producing, creating our own predicament.  


But, I see plenty of $70,000 farmer pickups pulling Montana campers down the road and they came from a $250,000 Morton shed on pretty nice place with a really swell new house and that was all apparently afforded with the exact Board of Trade that you deal with.


I`ll bet when wheat was $6...$8...$18 bushel, if you were at Napa getting a bearing and they said "This China bearing is $40 and the US one is $80" did you really buy the US one?


In these trade deals, it seems agriculture usually is the one domestic industry that does well.  I would say it`s because those we trade with actually need our farm commodities and if they can send us finished products, they will buy pork and beans from us, however  we`re basically a "pawn" in the game.


But, there`s a crazy man in North Korea that got intercontinental ballistic missiles for his birthday and got tired of playing with the box and now wants to go in the backyard and "try that sucker out!".    China has to be asked, do you value a "deadman walking" country like North Korea or do you at least respect the USA enough and value the annual $360 billion trade surplus that you will cooperate stopping the mad man? 


There are no easy answers in dealing with  NorK, but I ask you, what will happen to your price of wheat and it`s basis of (God forbid) a ICBM lands in San Francisco Bay?

Re: Nuclear fallout: no corn or soybeans sales to China

Everybody will say I told you so, pretty sure this was foretold eight months ago. This is what happens when you put a reality tv star in a position of power. Even negative ratings are ratings. Dumbasssses