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OH Canada!


Canada has enterained the option of including some a carribean islands into their country. That way canuck won't have to travel to the rio grande valley, florida or arizona for their winter stay. Just a simple flight to carribean and livein a warm a cozy existance in their  own country. Yeah! Sign me up canada as one of your new residents. It will take a while to close things down here in theological nazi land but I'm intending to make the move.

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Re: OH Canada!

I know how much you enjoy taxation, this is just an fyi.
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Re: OH Canada!

As the story noted it has been proposed before.

I would not hold your breath waiting for it to happen.


On the other hand a lot of Canadians holiday in Cuba and te one thing I have had several tell me is they enjoy not having to compete with US visitors.

We have not visited there.

Have been to several locations within your borders but our preference is Bermuda.

No need to stay on a resort as the whole island chain is a resort filled with friendly people.