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OK Guys here's the real controversy

The big 12 is falling apart!  I think the only school that isn't being picked up is ISU.

What does that say about the quality of that schools athletics? 

SO Guys what do you think of he conference that once ws full of powerhouses falling apart? JR

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Re: OK Guys here's the real controversy

This was discussed some earlier in a thread down below. I feel bad for ISU...Baylor, Kansas, K State and Missouri are also left.


All about TV money. Not sure how much Nebraska helps the Big 10...will take a while to build up any natural rivalries and they haven't been good enough recently to generate any big rivalries.


Does anyone but me think that we'll see a number of D1 schools drop football over the next half a dozen years or so? College sports are recession sensitive. I remember some really small football crowds back in the early 80s.

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Re: OK Guys here's the real controversy

Bruce sorry didn't see it below. And thanks I was trying to make ISU grad feel alone!Smiley Very HappyJR

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Re: OK Guys here's the real controversy

College and pro sports are basically for the well-heeled now anyway.  I won't pay $50 (I don't know what college tickets for a football game are now) to sit up in the clouds.  I went to see the Diamondbacks play a few weeks ago and the seats weren't REAL bad--about 3 rows back in right field and I think they were about $20 bucks.  That is about all I spend on that sort of thing a year so I can't complain too much.

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Re: OK Guys here's the real controversy

It has nothing to do with the athletic programs.  It has to do with demographics and how many tv sets will tune to your teams.


The Big 12 was doomed from the beginning with all the power concentrated in Texas.  When the offices moved from KC to Dallas it was the beginning of the end.


Four super conferences with sixteen teams each and all BCS schools.  All other schools will be shut out of BCS bowl games. 


The question is will the NCAA implode (if there is a god, yes), will state and federal legislatures strip the tax exempt status of donations to school's athletic departments (none of the money going to athletics goes to the university proper), will "students" finally get tired of getting nothing from the billions they bring into the game be organized?  Don't tell me the "student-athlete" gets a free education.  Scholarships are year to year.  As an example, KU took away four scholarships this year alone. has the best coverage of the death of the Big 12.  The guy has been spot on all the way.


BTW he says Missouri will eventually end up in the Big 10.  They are like the frumpy gal left at the bar at closing time and everyone knows she will go home with them.


Dan  Bebee's news conference will be on the Big 12 website later tonight.  IMHO he sounded like an idiot.


Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech all announce Wed they are going to the Pac 10.  Texas A&M wants into the SEC.


What say you folks about taking away tax deductions for boosters' season tickets, luxury box rentals and donations to the athletic departments which don't get into the general fund?