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OK, now it's your turn!

You naysayers should maybe make some consessions, because this is going finally get into your pockets. It seems that's going to be the only way you people will finally get it through your heads!

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Re: OK, now it's your turn!

More alarmist fear mongering. Have you crushed the gto yet?

Re: OK, now it's your turn!

Sam has it figured out


This works for places in the USA too

Re: OK, now it's your turn!

I saw a study recently that estimated that some significant percent of sea level rise- maybe 10%-comes from groundwater extraction.


I'm not a hydrologist but I guess it makes sense- if you're pulling more groundwater than is recharged the hydrological cycle takes it somewhere.


That's a really big deal in China and India. And maybe a reason why business may be good for those who own land in moderate climates with adequate rainfall and soil water holding capacity.


Probably also true of climate change- perhaps the deniers here actually have some self interest, although that would be fairly pathological.