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Re: What would Superman do?

stagger stagger fall crawl crawl crawl. - Yellow Beard.

Re: OK, stonewall brigade

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: What would Superman do?

Nuts, you have turned into a freaking idiot. 


Maybe you need to actually get out more and talk to a few American servicemen and women and find out what war is actually like. 


Re: What would Superman do?

I've talked to many.


However I don't buy everything and not because I think they're being dishonest, I just don't think they can accept the futility of their sacrifice.


For instance I noticed Joni Ernst's comments that her husband was in an intelligence unit and they were pretty sure there were some WMDs.


I think that the likelhood that if even a trace of anything had been found it wouldn't have been multiplied X10 and in every headline for months is vanishingly small given the political stakes.


I completely understand that it is hard for good people to accept that they were sent on a very dangerous wild goose chase and that their civilian and high military leadership was incompetent and disingenuous.