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bruce MN

OKC Thunder

Just watched the end of an incredible comeback and win. 16 plus K screaming Bible Belt honkees going nuts over the incredible accomplishment of Durant and Westbrook and the rest of the "brothers". Hopefully they are as appreciative of their hotel maid and waitress in the morning.
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Re: OKC Thunder

Yeah, the NBA suckered me again. Pacers were fun to watch the first half of the season- they had a nice chemistry going- and then it has gone away, slowly then quickly. But I continue to watch the trainwreck intermittently.


They do have an Argentine fellow, other than that all African American, well an African Frenchman in there too. Seem to have abandoned the apparent longstanding policy of having at least one white guy on the floor at all times.


Don't know about the racial dynamic on the larger stage. Seems like there were plenty of SEC football fans who decided they were OK with having integrated teams if that was what it took to win, but not sure how much impact that's had on their overall attitudes.


BTW, worked with a group to write a grant for youth baseball in a predominantly lower income black area. Money was easy to get- MLB puts the fine money in that pot. But Jackie Robinson is a long receded memory there and even with some local guys working on it it turned out to be a very tough sell to the kids. They're all about basketball, football is a distant second and baseball doesn't get honorable mention.


There is some kick ass basketball played in the park on a daily basis, I have to admit.