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The POTUS strikes again



AP story--has to be the truth

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What is wrong with saying something like that?  Jeffery Dahlmer was efficient but he did terrible things!  WalMart doesn't pay it's employees much at all more than they absolutely have to.  But they are big.  They have huge distribution centers and they get their goods out to the stores without problems.  That doesn't make them great. It just means they make a lot of money.  There was a study done several months ago stating that if they gave each of their min. wage employees a raise to $15/hr and passed that cost onto the customers instead of taking it out of profits, it would cost the average WM shopper about 1.5% more a year!  I don't know about you but that would cost me $3-4 more a year!!  But to the employees, it would make a world of difference in their lives!