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Senior Contributor

Re: Obama administration to protect kids from working.

Bart, "I doubt that the first two jobs you mentioned would fall under the ruling."


Are you refering to mowing lawn and picking up rocks?


"Operating non-ag tractors and power driven equipment: The proposal would prohibit hired youth farm workers under 16 from operating and assisting in operation of power-driven equipment, including machines, equipment and vehicles operated by any power source other than human hand or foot power (i.e. lawn and garden tractors and power-driven milking equipment)."  


The above seems clear that using a riding mower and even a propeled walk behind mower would now be off limits.   An article in Des Moines Register on this topic claimed it would be illegal for those under 16 years of age to ride in or on power driven equipment including any trailers being towed behind.  Around here it is not uncommon for 14 and 15 year olds to ride on the flat rack stacking bales while baling.   Also not uncommon around here is for kids that same age and younger riding on flat racks while picking up rocks.  Both of these would be illegal under the new proposals.


Gough, I have no clue what your post is about as it makes no sense to me.  I'm hoping you get a new race card for Xmas as yours has to be getting worn thin.