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Obama and friends, the gun runners

Why no out cry from the left when the Obama administration sends guns to Mexican drug dealers?  Those guns are finding their way back to kill Americans and there is no doubt some of them are responsible for the thousands of deaths in Mexico.


It certainly looks like an attempt on the administration or parts of it to get an opportunity to restrict gun ownership and sales.  The news media was all over a story about American guns in Mexico, a coincidence?  I don't believe in any coincidence when it comes to the left.  They work hand in hand with the lamestream media to concoct stories.  The lamestream media has a history of making it up, from blowing up trucks to computer generated memo's.



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Re: Obama and friends, the gun runners

I can't be certain how many deaths these guns were responsible for or if this was some secret plan to restrict gun ownership and sales.  However you do bring up a good point.   Where is the outrage by Anti-gun members of Congress?   We hear them after every school or work place shooting that occurs.  Where are they when a one and possibly two U.S. agents gets killed by guns illegally sold under the approval of the ATF and DOJ?



Here is an in depth article on this story that also wonders if this was all part of a secret plan to restrict gun sales in the U.S. and questions if the AK 47 sold under this secret ATF plan and left at the murder scene of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was not left there on purpose.  The article also hints at a cover up currently taking place to thwart ongoing inquires by some members of Congress. The article also claims that the night Border Patrol Agent Terry was killed that the U.S. agents had been instructed by superiors to fire bean bags, as opposed to live ammunition, at their assailants. 



ATF’s Fast & Furious- Obama’s ‘Weaponsgate’?



Instead, the discovery and identification of the AK-47 used to gun down a US agent as one sold by a US gun dealer and then trafficked ‘illegally’ over the border into Mexico and into the possession of the cartels might have created a ‘perfect PR storm,’ neatly reinforcing the arguments put forth, first, by Mexico’s government, which contends there would be no gang violence in that country if the US didn't supply gangs with guns; second, by higher-ups in the US government who favor tougher gun-control laws and non-intervention in Mexico (DOJ and the Obama Administration); and, third, by the public anti-gun lobby in America.



Indeed, here’s how that story would have read: Mexico’s claim re the US fueling cartel violence is right, and worse yet, weapons trafficked from the US are no longer being used just to murder Mexicans, but to kill Americans as well.



We’re killing our own guys.



We have some people that believe that 9-11 was secretly carried out by the Bush administration who willingly sacrificed American lives so they could push their own agenda.  This will now make some Americans believe that the Obama administration carried out this secret plan and willing sacrificed American lives to also promote their own agenda. 



One thing for sure there needs to be a thorough investigation into all this.