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Veteran Advisor dare call it Treason?

How much information gets hushed up in America and swept under the rug, like so much dust? I was thinking about Lee Harvey Oswald today as yet another story of CIA/Secret service involvement in the JFK assassination surfaced. Things in America really have not been right since that November day.


Another story that seemed to go away quickly was how Obama raised all that money, and how his campaign failed to trace donors.


One thing I am quite sure of is that Bruce and the three amigos never anted up any of it.

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Re: dare call it Treason?

I'll call it treason.



Honored Advisor

Re: dare call it Treason?

It should be very obvious that man can not ultimately rule himself, only God can. For 232 years the experiment known as "United States of America"was the closest that "we" have ever been to proving God wrong.God was pleased as well as amused with us for over 200 years and blessed us. But I fear we have turned our backs on him one too many times, because this generation seems exceptionally wicked.
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Re: dare call it Treason?

Now ya done it there BA,   expect a huge volume of foaming at the mouth from the atheists on here.  And the predictable post from Hobby about farmers being on a govt. program.


Boring stuff but predictable.




Re: dare call it Treason?

Holder will be right on it.

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Re: dare call it Treason?

Just like Holder was "right on it" with Fast and Furious,  the Black Panthers blocking voters from voting,  etc.



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Re: dare call it Treason?

Most of that money came from middle America in increments of $25-$50. Not sure they track that since it is not deductible. However, don't bet that your buys didn't have some "untracked" donations also.
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Re: dare call it Treason?

So, are you saying its OK, as long as both sides are crooks?





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Re: dare call it Treason?

When corporations are treated as people and make campaign contributions or run campaign ads, how can you be certain that there is no foreign stockholders in those corporations. You can't and that is why corps are not people. They cannot vote and should not be allowed to politicize. A corporation operates within the country by the will of the people. They are granted their charter to do business. If they are people then lets tax them at the same rate as individuals.


Re: dare call it Treason?

Prohibited Contributions and Expenditures

The FECA places prohibitions on contributions and expenditures by certain individuals and organizations. The following are prohibited from making contributions or expenditures to influence federal elections:

  • Corporations;
  • Labor organizations;
  • Federal government contractors; and
  • Foreign nationals.

Furthermore, with respect to federal elections:

  • No one may make a contribution in another person's name.
  • No one may make a contribution in cash of more than $100.

In addition to the above prohibitions on contributions and expenditures in federal election campaigns, the FECA also prohibits foreign nationals, national banks and other federally chartered corporations from making contributions or expenditures in connection with state and local elections.


Independent Expenditures

Under federal election law, an individual or group (such as a PAC) may make unlimited "independent expenditures" in connection with federal elections.

An independent expenditure is an expenditure for a communication which expressly advocates the election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate and which is made independently from the candidate's campaign. To be considered independent, the communication may not be made with the cooperation, consultation or concert with, or at the request or suggestion of, any candidate or his/her authorized committees or a political party, or any of their agents.  While there is no limit on how much anyone may spend on an independent expenditure, the law does require persons making independent expenditures to report them and to disclose the sources of the funds they used. The public can review these reports at the FEC's Public Records Office.


Corporate and Union Activity

Although corporations and labor organizations may not make contributions or expenditures in connection with federal elections, they may establish PACs. Corporate and labor PACs raise voluntary contributions from a restricted class of individuals and use those funds to support federal candidates and political committees. Click here to download the Campaign Guide for Corporations and Labor Organizations [PDF].

Apart from supporting PACs, corporations and labor org