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Veteran Advisor

Re: dare call it Treason?

Right, I know you are pure as the driven snow.

Re: dare call it Treason?

Since you brought up JFK, the CIA etc.


There must be something sinister behind the Kenyan socialist muslim being president.


But as far as 20 years of Bush/Clinton rule with 8 more planned and the serious likelihood of having both sides of the ticket covered in 2016, nothing to see there. Move along.



Senior Contributor

Re: dare call it Treason?

Why thank you, for thinking that, I always appreciate a good compliment.


Alas, I hate to break it to you, but as the Bible says, we are all sinners, guilty of something.


However, to re-ask the question, why does it matter what I did, or what GWB or Romney did, when pointing out something questionable that Obama did?   If the law was violated, it was violated.


By the same token, I don't take the excuses from the GOP, when they do wrong, with the condition that the dems do it, either.  

Veteran Advisor

Re: dare call it Treason?

I don't say or think that because the other side did/does something, that it makes it right BUT I do think in saying that does serve the purpose of telling the other side that they are guilty of accusing ONLY the other side. I don't know what law it is you think Obama has broken. I am very aware that all of us are sinners---some more than others. I guess what I am saying is the right and you are accusing Obama of breaking a law that I know has never been enforced--at least not in the context that NO ONE is allowed to donate over $100. Further down in the law it talks about who you can donate to and how much and it is much more than $100 so maybe the law is somewhat ambiguous unless you are the lawyer who wrote it.