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Obama racist?

I have long held the belief that Dems and their allies in the press have been over playing the race card with almost anyone opposing any of Obama's agenda.   Now I see on last night's NBC news that fishermen in Louisiana and other portions of the Gulf effected by the BP oil spill are complaining that "Claim Czar" Ken Feinberg choosen by Obama and BP has been slow in getting their claims processed and that BP did a better job  before the new claim czar took over.   This goes along with earlier complaints that "Gulf Coast state officials and lawyers representing those affected claimed Feinberg's guidelines are too restrictive, fail to allow enough time for victims to assess their long-term damages before they file a final settlement claim, fall short in how they view the geographic boundaries of who should be eligible to make a claim, and unfairly deduct any earnings victims may have received from BP for working on the oil spill cleanup from their eventual claims payout."


I noticed that all the unhappy fishermen shown on the NBC news cast were white.   Could this lead FOX or others to ridiculously claim that this means that Obama must be racist similar to the claims that Bush was a racist because of poor planning and performance by FEMA head Brownie and Louisiana state officials? 


To be perfectly CLEAR I am not suggesting Obama is a racist but simply trying to show how in our dirty world of personal destruction politics to often we see ridiculous claims repeatedly spoon fed to the masses.


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bruce MN
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Re: Obama racist?

Depends on who you listen to, I guess:


I have a very close in relative who is working at tech support for a law firm working on these matters for BP and he says it is all very complex and will take lots of time.


First thing to be sorted out is the fraudulent claims.....which is where the software he is supporting comes in, I beleive......finding those out as best they can. I'll check with him to see whether or not they have determined ethnicity on where they come from.

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Re: Obama racist?

ck on who makes the fake claims in katrina 90% were black but this doesnt make them racist it makes them theives