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Honored Advisor

Obama`s "corporatist" world view

If I say "Obama is a communist or a fascist"  smart liberals like Knapper, Bruce and Nox will say "Obama is neither communist or fascist because of blah blah blah and that isn`t in the strict definition of those 2   isms".  Truth is, Obama is a hybrid of all the bad parts of those "isms".  Here Dlck Morris explains Obama`s corporatism  ..see, Obama wants  big business...big labor union...big government all 3 of those powers deciding on what`s best for us.  This is only the prediction that I have had and was brought back to life yesterday while paying property tax: in the future the government will own farms, renting them out the entrepreneur that will pay the "highest land tax".  We see small shoots of this direction with "eminent domain" where a small hotdog stand is "condemed" to make room for a strip mall that will bring the land`s value up and generate increased property tax revenue.