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Obama stepped in it yesterday in Kansas

Heck of a speech if there was any possiblity that he beleived what he was saying or had any intention of acting on any of the shortcomings that he (accurately) described. But channeling TR and not following up like TR is a loser, either way. He may have painted himself into a corner and put the monkey on the backs of people who think that they are liberal, say that they are progressive...not having a clue what that means,,,but really don't want much to change as they've been dipping into the pot every bit as much as any conservative plutocrat has. Might have been smart enough to have done it on puropse....or maybe somebody on his time told him that the GOP was f'in up so badly in Iowa that it was absolutely a no brainer to take a shot now. But he did it. Crossed the populist line. I haven't checked the winger press but I imagine that commie, socialist, Marxist, Stalin etc are filling up the tag lines.


He's got to move on those items he mentioned or he's burnt toast with his "base". Can't say what he said about the banksters and keep Holder locked in the s##t house.


And if he does move on them he'll light up the right wing sky.


Or just sit back and campaign next summer and fall on "I said back in December....blah, blah"  That's what he'll probably do. What a smug pol.

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Re: Obama stepped in it yesterday in Kansas

I have to wonder if voter turn out will be lighter in 2012.   You know the die hard Dems and Repubs will be out voting for their team but I have to wonder if many folks and especially Independents and younger voters that voted for Obama's "change" will be discouraged by their choices and choose simply not to vote.   The OWS is the big unknown in this equation though.   Maybe they can get many younger folks fired up and get them to cast their ballots.  Could it be the OWS movement peaked to soon to have much of an impact on voter turn out or will the movement be back even stronger next year?

Roosevelt's speach in Kansas

  I checked out Roosevelt's 'New Nationalism"  Here is a sysnopsis from wiki

--Roosevelt made the case for what he called the New Nationalism in a speech in Osawatomie, Kansas, on August 31, 1910. The central issue he argued was government protection of human welfare and property rights,[1] but he also argued that human welfare was more important than property rights.[1][2] He insisted that only a powerful federal government could regulate the economy and guarantee social justice,[1] and that a President can only succeed in making his economic agenda successful if he makes the protection of human welfare his highest priority.[1] Roosevelt believed that the concentration in industry was a natural part of the economy. He wanted executive agencies (not the courts) to regulate business. The federal government should be used to protect the laboring men, women and children from exploitation.[3] In terms of policy, Roosevelt's platform included a broad range of social and political reforms advocated by progressives.[4][5][6]

  In the social sphere the platform called for

  • A National Health Service to include all existing government medical agencies.
  •   Social insurance, to provide for the elderly, the unemployed, and the disabled.
  •   Limited injunctions in strikes.
  •   A minimum wage law for women.
  •   An eight hour workday.
  •   A federal securities commission.
  •   Farm relief.
  •   Workers' compensation for work-related injuries.
  •   An inheritance tax.
  •  A Constitutional amendment to allow a Federal income tax.

   The political reforms proposed included

    However, the main theme of the platform was an attack on the domination of politics by business interests,     

   which allegedly controlled both established parties. The platform asserted that

   To destroy this invisible Government, to dissolve the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day.[7]


   To that end, the platform called for

  •    Strict limits and disclosure requirements on political campaign contributions.
  •    Registration of lobbyists.
  •    Recording and publication of Congressional committee proceedings.


Red Steele
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Re: Obama stepped in it yesterday in Kansas

not to beat a dead horse to death, but can you imagine someone as marginally qualified as Barack Obama for his current position being hired by a board of directors to run any business for a second term? If he was an NFL coach, and his player personal selection rivaled that of his cabinet and SCOTUS selections, would he not have been fired quickly?


The quote about Clark Gable was that when he walked down a street in tinseltown, you could hear his balls clank. When Obama walks, you don't hear any noise in that area. Totally gutless when it comes to making the big picture changes necessary. Holder should have been fired a long time ago. The banks should have been downsized instead of allowed to become way bigger.....too big to fail was the problem...even a simpleton like GW Bush could realize that.


Obama and the liberal left proves that the best government is limited government.

Re: Obama stepped in it yesterday in Kansas

    Voter turnout will be interesting to see.  Interesting to see if people have learned to mistrust the promises of politicians after Obummer failed to keep his promises from last campaign season.


   I think the OWS movement has been co-opted by agents of the plutocrats-the D&Rs- however I do not believe the energy that was expressed in the beginning of OWS has dissipated.  Obummer was trying to co-opted, "join and redirect" the original intent of the movement, with, using a term of TR's, weasel words-.  I said last time he was promising everyone what he believe they wanted and would be unable or unwilling to deliver after the sale.


  I believe that the only one who can fully tap into that OWS energy of dissatisfaction is RP, for one reason, people recognize his honesty, which non of the others of both ends of the weasel party can sell. 

BA Deere
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Re: Roosevelt's speach in Kansas

All those things TR promised are basically in place today.  The question is on the "inheritance tax" would TR favor a confiscatory rate which would force a small farm to be sold (55% over $1million,Obama)?  Would TR`s income tax top rate be nearly 40% ?   TR would believe Obamacare of today totally unworkable.

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Re: Obama stepped in it yesterday in Kansas

Then why didn't bush realize and not propose the TARP bailouts??

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Re: Roosevelt's speach in Kansas

What do you classify a "small farm" as?

BA Deere
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Re: Roosevelt's speach in Kansas