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Re: Obama study of gun control

Which ones do not?

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Re: Obama study of gun control

It is amazing how many firearms the democrats have helped sell in the last 20+ years. They are responsible for lots of ammo shortages too. I'm sure thousands of bump stalks are now on order also.
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Re: Obama study of gun control

If you are wanting to fire full auto or with a bump stock (assuming they make one for the AK) you're probably better off with the AR.  Less recoil and better able to hold it on target.


If you are going to use aimed single fire, also the AR because it is more accurate.  That's assuming you are going to wait till the mole sitcks it's nose above ground.


If you're going to watch for the earth to move and put a bunch of automatic fire into the moving spot, probably the AK because the bullets have enough mass to penetrate the dirt and still retain some shock power.

Re: Obama study of gun control


Video of his talk.


BTW, the Kochs et al have elaborate security and feel no personal threat from what goes on in the rest of society. They're just happy to find any allies for their larger purpose, no matter how bizarre.

Re: Obama study of gun control

Sorry, but if you require an automatic weapon or assault rifle for your self defense then you're just out of luck.


Since the (extremely unlikely) need for that would probably arise because the enemy also has one, well, you should have thought about it before you saturated the country with those.

Re: Obama study of gun control

That's a keeper.

they're actually to kill our heroes

I.e., "first responders and our troops".


That's actually the fundamental "2nd Amendment" argument for heavy weapons- to have the means of revolt in the hands of "the people".


I have a friend who has contact with various militia types, oath keeper cops etc., and he has some of those leanings. He says their big thing is the belief that those good people won't turn their guns on them when the big showdown comes.


My guess is that in that hypothetical case most of them will remain on the side of the people who pay for their healthcare, pensions, salaries. Even if it really pains them to kill you.

Re: they're actually to kill our heroes

BTW, if you'd like an originalist example of why The Founders didn't believe that, look no farther than George Washington riding at the lead of the state militias that crushed Shay's Rebellion.


Of course they didn't believe that.