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BA Deere
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Obamanomics class warfare vs pro growth tax policy   Schnurrbart asked in another thread "How is Romney gonna do this???".    I assume by "this" Schurrbart meant "how is Romney going to get the economy going again?"   As I`ve said many times I don`t know if there is a rabitt to pull out of a hat this time, I`m not going to say that Romney will fix things, only to have someone dig this post up 18 months from now and say "WTF???".  In the video it lays out the way that taxes kept fair actually increases Revenue and that is the name of the game getting more Revenue coming in, I don`t give a crap about tax rates, it`s money coming in that is what counts.  At about 4 minutes the lady talks about "death tax", it does little to increase Revenue, all a death tax is, is a wealth redistribution scam.  I`ll tell you flat out if the death tax takes too much of what I will leave my kids, before I lay down on my deathbed I will build a giant bon-fire and burn all the cash above what is exempt from taxes...and throw on a few car tires just to piss-off the DNR Smiley Happy  In short, people aren`t going to just handover generations of work and wealth and those that think you can grow an economy in doing so will effectively kill this American experiment that has so far lasted 236 years.  

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Re: Recognizing that this is all BS

Or ignorance.


BA is telling you that when his his estate exceeds the exemption from the death tax that he will burn the amount of cash that will exceed the exemption.


First is what he says about himself. That he would really prefer to destroy assets than to pay taxes. That is quite plain is showing how much regard he has for america and our democratic republic.


Secondly, his non exempt assets would not be taxed 100%. Thus out of every dollar he burns, 50 cents or more would go to the heir of his choice. So, his wife his sons or his daughters would be denied those funds so that wise mr BA can make his point. It's not only irrational but obviously stupid.


This is what happens when people view the government as an enemy instead of a united effort for the benefit of us all. This is the thought process of the beloved Reagan that government is the problem. Instead of strengthening our government, they choose to weaken the government and starve it into compliance with their mindset. That is why people like these should have little political power.


The Bush tax cuts are representative of your notion of a fair tax that supposedly produces more revenues and more jobs. We are experiencing what impact those tax rates have on our economy right now and it is not delivering as advertised. How you can argue based on current conditions is beyond me. Is anyone convinced? I think not.

BA Deere
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Re: Obamanomics class warfare vs pro growth tax policy

Well that's just it Don, the way the government has been run it does not inspire patriotism, I was speaking in hyperbole... well kind of about burning cash 🙂 communism was thought to work in East Germany because Germans are such stupid working fools and would work just for the fun of it, but it failed there too. People need to be inspired with the idea that their children will have it better....and Obama hasn't done that.
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Re: crafty did you notice

that obalmo and KLAN kept the gw tax cuts and love them and why should a gov be so greedy to tax a dead man to give it to a welfare whore

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We're going to hide your keyboard!

Obalmo and me are going to hide your keyboard until you can spell and think!!!!

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i see you couldnt debate one item thanks