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Obamas immigration threat

Is an executive order to postpone any deportation of parents of american born citizens and those previously included in the dreamer section. The order become the law of the land until the congress and the administration replaces the order or repeals it.


There is nothing to keep the sitting congress or the next congress to send a bill to the president for his consideration or the next president for that matter. So it is a temporary action much like the Bush tax cuts. They are not permanent nor do they restrict the ability of congress which can repeal the matter any time they have the votes to do so. Even wiothut the president's consent if they have a veto proof majority. Other wise those pesky mexican interlopers will remain until you change the president. Hopefully you will try impeachment which would be to my great amusement to watch you make fools of yourselves.

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Re: Obamas immigration threat

He has said that Congress needs to get with the program and pass legislation that provides meaningful reform. If not he will issue an EO but will rescind it if Congress will get off the stick and do what is right
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