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Observations at Chelsea`s show...

..from an ol` country boy. Last nite the Wife and I went to C Handler`s show at the Target Center. As we were going through security we had to empty our pockets, I had a old cheap pocket knife. The guard said "let me have it or take it back to your car, you can`t bring that in", well that is ridiculous, beer bottles were all over, if someone wanted to do damage a broken beer bottle would be worse than a 2" blade, anyway I let him keep it.  In the show it was 75% young women, 15% straight guys and 10% gay guys. When Palin was mentioned I was thee only one not booing, when pro-gay marriage was mention 2/3 of the audience cheered.  Chelsea got in a offended Asian back and forth with someone who didn`t like her joke about their lack of driving skills Smiley Very Happy  She talked about a Black girl who she gave a autogragh who`s name was "D`Mirakle" with that name she`ll be out of D`school and D`pregnant by age 16. She made a couple abortion jokes that, well bombed, which was surprising given the makeup of the crowd. Hennepin Avenue late at night is quite a contrast to our dusty gravel road.  Haven`t been too far north this spring, at Owatonna a couple planters were polishing off the last of their beans, must have been wetter up there.

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Re: Observations at Chelsea`s show...

What drew you to her show? I love good stand-up. Even if blue or risqué. But find her to be repulsive. Just curious. Hope you enjoyed the hospitality. In k c for a couple of twins-royals games. Hotter than he!!
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Re: Observations at Chelsea`s show...

Hey Bruce, I am opposite of Chelsea politically, but find her talented and honest.  She always either cleans up well or looks like death warmed over, last night she appeared a little buzzed. My Dad used to get a kick out of the Smothers brothers, even though he disagreed with them "Mom loved you best" and Tommy`s punch line "I don`t know, maybe a communist took it!" Dad thought they were both communists Smiley Very Happy Something I left out of the post was Chelsea was totally in the tank for Obama in `08.  Last night neither her or her 3 warm up acts  mentioned the name "Obama" all..interesting they mentioned Palin, Swartzenegger and Lewinski.. that was it pollitically.  With "Wiener-gate" I thought they would have a field day with that, but he`s a Democrat.  Now I`m 10 yrs older than Chelsea and Chelsea was 10 yrs older than her audience. She dovetailed the crowd`s view on Palin and gay marriage but was out of touch on abortion. One Swartzenegger joke was "after Arnold had sex with the maid, the jerk made her change the sheets".