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Senior Contributor

Obummer's ship is sinking

That has such a great ring to it. It is a shame he is taking America with him. At least I was not one of the idiots who voted for him.....twice.























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Re: Obummer's ship is sinking

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Only twice?

I spent the day on the buses getting paid to vote seven different lunches, too. Har Har Har! I just hope those damned Republicans don't institute voter ID so I can't do that anymore...Man, I just hate republicans.


The article pretty well sums up what everyone is saying about Obama, and the entire progessive party is distancing themselves from him except for a few fruitloops still drunk on kookaid. I just wish he would resign, and take Slow Joe with him as they chase ISIS to the gates of hell.


The article is right about race relations...Obama's politics of polarization have taken us back 40 years in that department.


"he was gonna be a big success, but things ended up a mess."