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Senior Contributor

Re: 3020, your continual harangue about the border is nothing more than ...

@rickgthf wrote:

... thinly veiled xenophobic racism.  This country has been taking immigrants for 300 years, immigrants built this country and you know it.  You continually conflate legal refugees with illegal border crossers not because you disapprove of illegal border crossers but because you hate all non-white people.

  There is no question that people who try to sneak across the border should be arrested and deported but people who cross the border, surrender to Border Control and ask for asylum have every legal & moral right to a hearing before an immigration judge.  The fact that you refuse to distinguish between the two just confirms that you're a racist.

This is mental illness but Ricky knows what he's doing. "the border is secure"🤣

Everything is racism with the lame right Ricky

They are not refugees they were told to flood the border and get the freebies. I see a lot of fat whales who look as if they had to be driven to check point Charlie certainly not oppressed and never missed a meal 

Trafficking children and women and drug cartels and rape is common place on the lawless border  but thats ok with you Ricky ....🤣they are farm migrants....they actually come in on work visa's so we are not even counting them

5 million came across that we know of its not jut a few, your little attempt to down play doesn't work, how many on the terrorist watch list were caught and how many were not any Russian sleeper cells coming in Ricky seems not to hard to get here.

This is not a way you seek legal immigration into a country its word salad laws written by globalist designed to overwhelm systems while morons like you claim we've been doing this for 300 years we have not a complete lie

You're a fraud..... open your home and land and let them live as if they owned it with you, try walking into any other nation and say welp i'm gonna stay here now see how that works out

Your lying has become over the top obvious and slightly comical

Senior Contributor

Re: Obviously here it has gone from policy discussions…

Sounds like an answer beauty pageant contestants would give. The only thing missing is "world peace"

In the event that…..

…..there might still be some small interest in policy or current events….

Senior Advisor

Re: In the event that…..

There is plenty of interest in a secured border. There is plenty of interest in the failed economy. There is plenty of interest in teaching children true science when it comes to gender. There is plenty of interest in women have their own sports teams and respect their privacy.

Case in point

Some clown casually brings up WW3 like it was an oppressive tax or a gender argument and then when that situation is actually addressed the board fills up with MAGA and Q drivel. 

Senior Contributor

Re: In the event that…..

@bruce MN wrote:

…..there might still be some small interest in policy or current events….

Russia realizes the war is not Russia vs Ukraine, its Russia vs nato.   Ukrainians are manning the weapons, all else is nato.  

Best be thinking about about expanding fossil fuel development, Europe has very little.

Senior Contributor

Re: In the event that…..

Very much so and NATO=Globalists.

Russia v Globalists

Nation v Globalists

It's a plug and play scenario in numerous locations.  


Senior Contributor

Re: Obviously here it has gone from policy discussions…

(I’m all for all of that. Who wouldn’t be?)

Why would you be all for an extremist agenda there bruceQ?