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Senior Advisor

Re: Finally not a gopher...

I never said anyone was trying to take guns away from Donald Trump. I said Donald Trump might take guns away from you by abusing the no fly list. Or you could end up like Ted Kennedy. He was put on the no fly list by mistake. He had the full force of his name to help get him removed which still took three weeks. Your name is unknown and could take three years along with 1,000s of dollars. Plus the Orlando shooter was not on the no fly list. This new law would have done nothing to stop him. Bad idea. Once our rights are gone there is no getting them back. If these guys were serious about keeping guns out of the hands of felons they would be sitting in Terry McAuliffif's office instead of the well of the house. He wants to put guns in the hands of felons to get re-elected.


Tell me Knapper, what other rights are you willing to give up because your name is on a list complied by federal officials? And why is a guy deemed to dangerous to fly with you not too dangerous to live next door to you or be in the same supermarket with you? Is the only place he is dangerous on an airplane? If the guy is on a no fly list shouldn't he also be on a no drive list? Should he be on the no pressure cooker list?