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Odd, how rich I am

A recent school bond issue that I was against got passed.  A teacher called me names and insinuated that I didn't care about education and that I was a rich farmer.


So I looked up his income and property tax bill.  He and his teacher wife make $100,000 a year and live in a new 2 story house on which they pay $1500 property tax.  They both drive new cars or at least I should say cars no more than 3 years old.


I on the other hand make $45,000 a year, pay $5000 in property tax and my newest vehicle is a 1996.  Somehow I don't feel as though I'm rich.  Then too I made certain that my children went to college and that they graduated at the top of their classes.  We actually have a thing called a library and have several computers on a network.  We took our children to see museums, art galleries and some of the wonders of our country.  The trips were made inexpensively and we camped in a tent.  We were able to see the truth about a lot of American history and it wasn't what was being taught in the politically correct school system.


I am tire of teachers whining about their low pay.  I've invested my life to buy part of America, I don't have a boat, a camper or a snowmobile.  Our vacations are few and short.  Quite different from the teachers who have a few years of college that cost them less than $40,000 and who now take cruises and come back tanned after Christmas break.


The average teacher salary in America is $50,000 but what they don't tell you is many teacher families are 2 teachers and they don't tell you what those retirement programs pay.  It's a lot more than the rent on a 160 acre farm and it doesn't pay property tax.

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Re: most over paid profession

it is the only position where you get paid if you are a failure or not well i forgot all gov workers are failures --but here the admin cost are crazy --almost every position has and asst and doesnt even work--oh well maybe we can get behind wisc and lead the way to correct the situation

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Re: Odd, how rich I am

You guys just really are a piece of work.  It is a corporation's constitutional right to make all the money they possibly can in any way possible but let a person go to school to be a teacher and you start complaining about how much he makes.  And Lord help us all if he happens to fall in love and marries another teacher!!!  Give it a break!  Maybe you should have become a teacher so everyone could bitch about you!!  Oh, wait!  I guess a lot do because you get govt welfare every year on your crops!


Re: Odd, how rich I am

I was just thinking the same thing. That he should get in on the scam if it's such a good one.


In fact, he could move to Minnestoa and get in on it right away. We just had a bill passed, coming out of our GOP led House and Senate and signed by our Democrat governor, that will allow for people out of the private sector to teach in our schools. God knows we need some new blood in science and math. A social studies or English teacher can likely grow and improve in the job, but in reference to dag's comment the other day about teachers coming out of the lower 3rd of college classes the past few decades, as the good jobs for grads were in the private sector, makes for generally poor teacher in math and science. Most partiuclarly in small rural schools, where you get nothing but the leftovers...most likely the bottonm 10% of the low third. I haven't seen all of the requirements and parameters for getting those jobs, but it hasn't cauesd alot of ruckus that I've heard of. Looks like the teachrs are pretty much staying quiet and are going to let it play out as it will. We are (except for  55% or so of the 6th Congressional District) afterall very sensible people up here.


But what wehav would teach is anybody's guess, I can't bring right to mind any subject that is taught in our schools where the ciriculum or  units of subject matter are based and taught  soley on selected anecdotes, street rumors and/or superstition.

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Re: Odd, how rich I am

Bruce, your post about small rural schools often getting the lower ranked college grads for teachers reminded me of something my old 3rd grade teacher told me last year.  While at a reception for her granddaughter after she graduated from college I sat down at a table with my 3rd grade teacher and a current school board member.  While discussing various school issues and problems with our current school (a small rural school) my ex-teacher said that back 1960 when she was hired to teach right out of college that she had to go through a thorough interview process where had to meet with the superintendent, principal and all the school board members.  She said that is no longer the way it is done and that the interview processed used currently was little more then a few minutes talking with the superintendent before being hired.



When I graduated back in the mid 70's our school had about 75 kids in each grade.  My wife came from a smaller school that averaged about 22 kids per grade.  I noticed her school's teachers and administrators on average were considerably younger then my school.  I got the impression that her school was always having to hire new teachers as many left after a few years to take jobs at bigger schools.  Odd thing is her school always had a very good reputation for academic excellence.  I would have thought the older seasoned teachers would be better instructors.  Maybe smaller classes sizes?  Maybe having a higher percentage of farm kids? 

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Re: most over paid profession

I've learned a little in my 86 years.

#1, The pasture is usually greener across the fence

#2, I have very little sympathy for someone complaining when they make more than I do, or ever did

#3, You cannot turn back the clock

#4, The past almost always looks better than what the reality was

#5, Not everyone graduates at the top of the class

#6, The world is different today than it was in the past

#7, Inflation is the cruelest tax of all

#8, We have no idea what the fallout of the atomic disaster in Japan will be

#9,The best laid plans often go astray

#10, We all make mistakes, although we hesitate to admit them

#11, Maybe we should relearn the "TEN COMMANDMENTS" and live by them

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"Maybe having a higher percentage of farm kids?"  or any kids from 2 parent families that own a business.

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Re: Odd, how rich I am

Put you wife to work so that you don't have to cope with that petty jealousy!

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Re: Odd, how rich I am

Oh, woo is you! Sour grapes, that's all! Get over it! They have worked as hard for their money as you have, fool!

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Re: bingo

Well, bingo! That's not the way it works. Times have changed, and your not keeping up. There are 10 times more kids from the city than farm kids. Your out of touch with reality, wake up.