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Re: Of all the ignominious actions of the Obama administration

@Nebrfarmr wrote:

Right now, there is a stalemate.

One side, says they want the businesses to control themselves, but nothing gets done.

The other side, says they want more regulations, but nothing gets done.


If we'd start by hanging the crooks by their thumbs, or putting them in stocks, and let passers-by throw rotten fruit at them if a trial finds them guilty, I'd bet that things would straighten themselves out fairly quickly.   Of course, there will be those, who say 'where will you find qualified bankers, if you put too many behind bars?, but I say how can you really do worse, than paying someone a multi-million dollar salary, who just winds up robbing the average customer?  I'd rather have an honest guy, who maybe gets .1% less return, but does everything honestly and above board.

Oh, and I'm not above tar and feathers, either, LOL

There is a third side to the equation, those who want the government to allow those who have failed fail.

Re: Of all the ignominious actions of the Obama administration

I think you're confusing not giving a crap if freedom is lost with having lost freedom. Latest up, they are going to require your car have a data recorder so you can collect evidence against yourself.
Red Steele
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Re: Of all the ignominious actions of the Obama administration

Your sentence about how both the republicans and the democrats pick the worst people from the business class to run (ruin) things in America. And the implication that all that is wrong with Democratic leadership is that they mirror Republican leadership. If Romney becomes the CEO of America in November, it will mark the first time in most of my lifetime that a man with any real business success has been running things. I say, give the guy a could he muck things up as much as Bush and Barry have? If you would post that the biggest problem with Bush and Cheney was that they were basically Democrats, then I would believe you had stopped drinking the koolaid and had a cup of coffee for a change.


I have no clue on how we muddle our way (in America) out of this financial mess where everything has been a house of cards for decades. I guess the betting is that we do it the same way we did the S & L crisis, the farm crisis, etc etc. We just keep printing federal money and try to make the mess go away. THere are many reasons that land is selling for up to $20,000 per acre...the lack of confidence in any solution outside of going the Krugman route, and devaluing the currency, is probably one of the primary ones.


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Re: yep ask surebutt

he has a yeller streak all the way up and that is the way he pronounces it --plus you didnt even argue he wasnt ===thanks for agreeing --al tho i bet it hurts surebutt sfeelings ---GOTCHA yep still fun

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Re: Of all the ignominious actions of the Obama administration

Actually, I'm also on that side, but that bridge has been crossed, and we have to deal with the here and now.  By all means, if an investment bank or trading firm that got bailout money, is at risk of going under, due to repeating the risky behavior, let that leaky ship sink.
What I am getting at, is what to do with the companies that were bailed out, who look to have been violating existing regulations, either now, or in the past.  Adding new regulations, without enforcing them, doesn't do anything but create more paperwork for the honest businesses.  The crooks will be crooks, as long as they think they can get away with it.